Source Analysis

Source Analysis

Source Analysis

Human sexuality can be described as the ability to have erotic responses and experiences. An individual’s sexual orientation can influence their sexual attraction and interest for another individual. Sexuality can have physical, emotional, spiritual, or biological aspects. The biological sexuality aspects comprise reproductive roles and the rudimentary biological drive, which are present in all species. The emotional and physical aspects of sexuality encompass the bond that is there between persons, and is conveyed through intense feelings or physical displays of emotions of trust, caring, and love.  The anti-pornography movement, formed following the boom of pornography in the 1970s, come upon another feminist movement called anti-anti-pornography.

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Certainly, the ideas raised initially, for instance, pornography being an instrument to put into exercise male supremacy over female, came to be controverted a couple of years later. Undeniably, some groups contend that this movement, in fact, was plummeting the sexual freedom of women and that it didn’t have to be likened to rape.To back up her idea, Ellen recoups the simple description of pornography as any depiction or image used or intended to provoke sexual desire. The definition appears to have nothing adverse. Although it lessens sex to its unassuming action and sets aside romance, it doesn’t necessarily imply a crime for women. Moreover, it’s needed to differentiate the various kinds of pornography and not denounce all of them.

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