Sony-Smart TV

The growing popularity of 3D TVs and smart TVs has led to increased sale of smart TVs. For instance, Atlanta Georgia is a city that has embraced the use of smart TV. I prospect that Atlanta Georgia is an ideal location to sell Sony-Smart TVs. Its strategic location, population, and behavioral factors is an added advantage. Notably, my marketing strategy will include placement of the Sony-Smart TV, its pricing, its distribution, and the market segmentation. Markedly, the market segmentation notifies me the target market and the strategic location of the Smart-TVs.

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Therefore, introducing the Sony-Smart TVs would be a great ideas that would yield much. Markedly, the Sony-Smart TVs are new generation TVs with numerous accessories and great features including fast internet connection and reliability. Lastly, the Sony-Smart TVs is an attractive new device in the market and I am sure that most people in Atlanta would love to own the TV and increase the comfort and elegance in their homes.

Cross, M. E., Brashear, T. G., Rigdon, E. E., & Bellenger, D. N. (2007). Customer orientation and salesperson performance. European Journal of Marketing, 41(7/8), 821-835.

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