Sony Smart TV

The growing popularity of 3D TVs and smart TVs has led to increased sale of smart TVs. For instance, Atlanta Georgia is a city that has embraced the use of smart TV. I prospect that Atlanta Georgia is an ideal location to sell Sony-Smart TVs. Its strategic location, population, and behavioral factors is an added advantage. Notably, my marketing strategy will include placement of the Sony-Smart TV, its pricing, its distribution, and the market segmentation.

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Ideally, this is the best target market that would increase my customer base and sales in general. In addition, it is easy to predict the people’s thoughts and wishes regarding new technologies and gadgets in the market. Therefore, introducing the Sony-Smart TVs would be a great ideas that would yield much. Markedly, the Sony-Smart TVs are new generation TVs with numerous accessories and great features including fast internet connection and reliability. Lastly, the Sony-Smart TVs is an attractive new device in the market and I am sure that most people in Atlanta would love to own the TV and increase the comfort and elegance in their homes.

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