Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy.

Solar Energy: In a nutshell, to describe the evolution of solar power, it all started with the use of sun’s heat with glass and mirrors to light fires up to today’s technology that use solar panels to light buildings and more advanced the recent solar powered vehicles.

The most initial innovation that led to the dynamic nature of solar power was the implementation of the magnifying glass to make fire and burn ants. This was in the 7th B.C, later in the 1767; a Swiss scientist was credited with the invention of the first solar collector that was later used to cook food by Sir John Herschel.

The first solar cells were invented in 1883 that were made from selenium wafers. Later the first commercial solar water heater known as Baltimore emerged in 1891 by Clarence Kemp.

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to conduct their operations, most private companies, individuals as well as government offices will adopt solar technology as their source of power.

This will not only reduce the public expenses. It will also improve the GDP of the economy to the next level. This is because most of the saved funds are likely to be channel to other significant initiatives. That the government is carrying out.

The reason why this ideology is true is because, solar technology has been there for long, the campaigns being carried for the adoption of green technology will improve its adoption, for every individual will be willing to be part of this alternative energy.

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