Software Usability

Software Usability

Software Usability

Software Usability:Usability of software may be described as the measure of interface quality which refers to the efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction with its performance in given tasks. Evaluating software usability has become an essential element of the process of system development, and various methods have been developed to carry out evaluation.
The Concept of Usability
Over time, the concept of software usability has been described in various ways. Some of the most renowned descriptions have been based on semantics, features, and operations. In terms of semantics, usability has been matched with terms like ‘user friendliness’ or ‘ease of use’ without a formal definition of the properties of the software. As regards features, usability has been equated to either presence or absence of certain elements in the user interface like icons, windows, pointing devices, or menus.

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It may be difficult for an expert to design a criterion of predicting user satisfaction, or for a user to reliably estimate their own efficiency using interface specifications. Therefore, the most feasible strategy is to test the efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction using real users in an ideal working environment.

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