Sociology DB3

Sociology DB3

Sociology DB3.

Sociology DB3: An individual who is dressed professionally is perceived to be Focused and presentable. On the other hand, persons wearing shabbily seem unfriendly. Women wearing very tight garments are considered immoral, hence tight clothes are not advised for women in the corporate world.

Men with long shaggy hair and beards are considered rude and rough, based on appearance. Persons wearing frowns on their faces seem to have a negative attitude. Smiling individuals on the contrary, are seen to have a positive attitude towards life.

Yawning, doodling and fidgeting have a long period been related to boredom. Research shows that individuals from rich backgrounds may make less effort to impress people; therefore, they are more inclined to doodling while conversing (Macionis, 2007).

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While their counterparts from poor families make countless efforts to engage in conversations. If a person knows what careers one is in, then it is easy to know their social status. Most persons working in organizations will be in the middle class level, in terms of wealth.

Self-employed business people in the corporate would be very rich. People in the small-scale business are likely to be poor, since they do not make enough money to meet their needs (Macionis, 2007)..

A question based on a person’s career or occupation serves as an indicator of their social class. Other factors that depict a person’s social status include; property they own for instance cars or the people they associate with in their daily life.


Macionis, J. J. (2007). Sociology. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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