Societal Problem Drug Abuse

Societal Problem Drug Abuse

Societal Problem Drug Abuse.

Societal Problem Drug Abuse: The major societal problem focused on here is drug use in the public. This is justified by the fact that drug markets have global dimensions that require coordinated responses on a large scale.

This is a global problem and can be defeated, there are three well known but at times disregarded solutions for this problem are, effectively dealing with peer pressure, seeking help for mental illness and keeping a well-balanced life. Karl Marx thought that, a man in his stupor, drinking and abusing drugs no longer feels himself and becomes an animal.

Peer influences are found to be the strongest leads of drug use during adolescence. There has been an argument that peers initiate youth into drugs by providing drugs giving model drug-using behaviors, and

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Durkheim gave importance to the social factors in seen suicide and hence reduced the importance of the other factors. His theory of suicide is said to be more supported by opposing arguments than by actual prove facts.

This theory is base on a variety incomplete statistics that only deal with small insignificant numbers and as a result, many objections are raise to his study of suicide. It still remains a classic work whose relevance to sociology is exhauste today.

Both Marx and Durkheim have valid reasoning but not all of it can be adapte in the fight against drug abuse. Further research into socially viable solutions should be discusse in an effort to bring everyone on common ground.


Marx, K. (1932). Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844

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