Societal effects on Personality

Societal effects on Personality

Societal effects on Personality.

Societal effects on Personality: Personality is the individual differences in the way of thinking, behaving and emotions. It is the extreme realization of the idiosyncrasy of the living being, and an act to the way of life, the absolute affirmation if the way of life and is a universal condition that adoptable that is accompanied with the greatest freedom for self-identity.

It is the collection of behavior, attitude and emotional way of life of individuals in the world. Personality differs among people as a result of the difference in the environment that an individual is brought up, the situations that surround an individual and conditions a person  is committed to  live.

There are several factors that affect the personality of individuals which are either internal or external aspect in life.  Notably the society plays an important role in influencing the personality of an individual through the different aspect such as the culture, education,

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Regardless of the biological factors that determine the personality of an individual. It is evident that the society also has an effect on the development of personality among individuals.

It is the responsibility of people and parent to protect their children from the negative personalities that are prevalent in the society and to choose the positive one in the development of better personality. People should emulate positive influences that surround them the purpose of making the world a better place for themselves and others.


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