Media violence pose a serious threat to the way people interact and socialize in the society because it increased violence and aggressiveness in the real world. According to research, media are a very crucial instrument that provide people with information and promote socialization, despite incidences of increased violence and aggressiveness in the short and long run among young viewers. This paper seeks to analyze the positive impact of video games and how it promote socialization among people, especially children.

Video games cause addiction attracting children and youths to spend longer hours at the expense of other activities. Addiction is the cause of the problem arising from video games creating hindrance in carrying out other tasks in youths and children. Excessive video games lead to changes in behavior, neurological and social life in people.

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Players’ participant in a wide varieties of social activities including online chatting, drinking. Gamers engage social activities that are available to them when participating in their games. There is a higher tendency for gamers to develop social skills and become attracted to each other.

Gamers are more accurate in making decision that can help them in making informed decisions when a problem arises in a real-life situation. Games assist train players to make a fast decision while at the same time maintaining accuracy.

Work Cited
Anderson, Craig A., and Christine R. Murphy. “Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior in Young Women.” Aggressive Behavior 29.5 (2003): 423-429. Academic Search Premier. Web. 26 Mar. 2014.

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