Social work

Social work

Social work

This assignment will give consideration of the statement “social work just being common sense”. The assignment will also feature the parameters of social work profession and the services it offers to the members of the community.

The paper will also explore why the services of social workers are needed; and the manner in which they are best dispensed to those in need. There are some individuals who do not think of the field of social work as requiring diligence and commitment to get into. Common sense is the natural ability to use reasoning skills and capacity to make a decision about a current situation. Common sense is agreed on the majority of individuals such as reasoning of the judgment that should be passed on the murderer of a two year old girl.


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I would encourage those individuals that are interested in serving others to get in the social care system. One can get fulfillment from serving others if they work in the social work industry; while making a big positive difference in the lives of others.

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