Social work Interview and Agency Paper

Social work Interview and Agency Paper

Social work Interview and Agency Paper

Social work Interview and Agency Paper:The objectives of carrying out this interview in the department of human service is to understand what it takes to be a social worker, to outline the various obstacles that a social worker faces in his day to day activities, to understand the barriers faced by the agency in meeting its long-run objective. It is also important for social work student to familiarize themselves with the numerous services offered by the human service agencies. Social work entails providing support to people in times of difficulties, this mostly include the most vulnerable for instance children and the elderly.

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I have come to understand the major bottleneck limiting the agency in achieving most of its long run objective is the continued change in the policies. This is dues to the fact that in implementing one of the policies another policy comes in to play hence causing difficulties in adjusting. The agency receives most of its funding from the government that is through taxes or borrowed money

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