Social Work and Technology

Social Work and Technology

Social Work and Technology

Social work is an academic discipline that aims at improving the well-being of human beings by working on the quality of their lives. They do this through policy, research, community organizing an teaching on specific issues that affect the people like poverty, health and social injustice. My social work career choice would be focused on the health sector; specifically dealing with machines used in health centers.

My line of work will be the installation, upgrading, maintenance and servicing of hospital technological machines. The institution I studied and developed my career had a great impact as it gave me the basics of how to go about a machine. This include the installation and assembly of various machines like ventilators, X-Ray machines and theater beds.

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Importation of machines for our clients, which are not locally available would also be my responsibility. This would involve creating contact with foreign marketers so that it would be easier for me to accomplish (Dyro, 2004). The areas of technology I will focus on in this kind of work would be installation of soft wares as almost all modern machines have been digitized hence run on soft wares.

These soft wares also need upgrading after a better version has been released. Another area will be assembly of hospital machines; most machines used in health centers especially the enormous ones are purchased and delivered in bits, assembly of these machines at the location where it will be used will be another area of focus. Last but not least will be servicing of the machines; both hard ware and software (Ferguson, 2009).

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