Social Unrest and Watergate

The water gate scandal resulted from the June 17th 1972 break in of the Democratic National Committee offices; located at the Watergate Washington office complex. Richard Nixon administration tried to perpetuate a cover up of its involvement in activities related to the break in; eventually leading to the impeachment of the President after he was directly implicated. The ensuing investigations revealed a slew of illegal activities by the Nixon administration that included wire-taping the offices of political opponents perceived as threats to the Nixon administration, executive sanctioned harassment of political figures and activist groups using state machinery like the CIA, FBI and even the IRS.

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The tapes were found to have an eighteen and a half minute long segment that was missing or had been erased. The personal secretary to the president miss Rose Mary Woods admitted to having erased the section albeit unintentionally. Most of the public and the investigators were however skeptical of this especially after it emerged that there were another five to nine parts that had been erased on the tape (Fremon, 1998).

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