Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies.

Social Studies; The Vietnam War was as a result of the struggle between the nationalist forces that attempted to unify the country through communist government. The war took place between 1959 and 1975. The United States with the help of South Vietnamese prevented the spread of communist resulting to the war.
It was between the American who were supported by the South Vietnamese against the North Vietnamese. The North Vietnamese wanted to unite the country through communist ideas, but Americans were against it. The United States was faced with many problems during Vietnam War. Different leaders came up with different options, and each option had both advantages and disadvantages.

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Although the use of destruction weapons was not the best option, it was the most applicable because Vietnam had been at war for long and none of the parties was willing to surrender. Nixon’s proposal did not work since it led to antiwar demonstrations that resulted in the death of more innocent persons.Another challenge was the availability of plenty of alcohol and drugs such as marijuana and heroin. Most of the soldiers were drunk leading to lack of battle readiness (Ely, 1995). Again, most of the officers were not adequately prepared to lead. They expected their soldiers to follow their orders directly, but the terrible soldiers were hard to the extent of throwing grenades to the officers who issued dangerous or stupid commands.
Ely, J. H. (1995). War and Responsibility: Constitutional Lessons of Vietnam and Its Aftermath. Princeton University Press.

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