Social Structure Theory: Prostitution Among Immigration Routes

Prostitution is a frightful reality for some ladies looking to get away from their current sociocultural circumstance that frequently incorporates neediness, misuse, and different components that drive the person to settle on the choice to escape in any expectation of discovering a superior life (University of Phoenix, 2013). Albeit numerous ladies are confronted to take part in prostitution as a method for reimbursement to traffickers, there are additionally the individuals who attempt to pick up unlawful section into another nation all alone and are compelled to turn to comparable method for acquiring cash to survive (University of Phoenix, 2013).

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The feature that was utilized as the premise of this paper talked about prostitution along movement courses, and each of the hypotheses examined gave clear illustrations of how prostitution can be bolstered as a repercussion of people looking for illicit techniques for moving into another nation in a urgent endeavor to enhance his or her life.

Crossman, A. (2013). Sociological explanations of deviant behavior. Retrieved from Behavior.htm

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