Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration

Social security was initiated in 1935, August by the then president, Franklin Roosevelt. It was an initiative to assist those in dire need such as the disabled, the aged, survivors of incidents, the poor, and those suffering from ailments. Since its enactment, the marginalized have been catered for despite their state of living. It ensures a sense of security both socially and economically.

Back in the days, Americans relied heavily on farming. The yields defined one’s state financially and socially. The Great Depression furthered the importance of Social Security. The people that felt the Great Depression the worst were the elderly. Before the Industrial Revolution people relied on farming as their sole source of money.

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Some sections of poor people do not attempt to improve their impoverished condition, they not only contribute to their deplorable living arrangement, but also pass it on to their sibling. The result is the generation of poor people living in a destitute condition.

As poverty lingers on direct practices involves service provision to families in poverty the need for education awareness, family support program that create financial stability, economic and long-term investments, and the return on investing in the eradication of poverty to prevent the breakdown of the family structure. Society should be more involved to help get people out of poverty, because poor people lack the resources, guidance, and the knowledge to get out of poverty.

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