Social science research

Social science research

Social science research.

Ethical issues have long been a concern in social science research. Social science explores or investigates complex subjects, which involve political, economic and legal phenomena.

The complexity of these issues means that research in social science must be observant of moral integrity in order to guarantee that the research findings and process is valid and trustworthy (Comstock, 2013).

Study involving human participants is required to demonstrate respect for ethical concerns by getting approval from the necessary authorities before the start of the research. Ethical concerns are becoming a critical factor in social research.

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It involves discrimination that has been integrated into the processes, procedures and structures of an organization, either as a result of prejudice or due to failure to consider the specific needs of diverse social groups (Whitley & Kite, 2009). For example, the practice of firing first those who were hire last in an organization is discriminatory.

The ease of an interviewer to communicate with individuals of similar class, race, ethnicity or gender is also discriminatory. Ethnocentrism is when individuals belief that their ethnic group is better or superior to other different ethnic groups (Schaefer, 2007).

On the other hand, racism is characterize by hatred towards different ethnic groups or races. Both racism and ethnocentrism belief that their races or ethnic groups are better than others. The only difference is that ethnocentric people belief that their races are better while racist hate other races or ethnic groups.


Baldwin, J. D. (2002). George Herbert Mead: A Unifying Theory for Sociology. Kendall Hunt Pub Co.

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