Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility refers to how a company relates to the other factors of the environment in which the business operates. The major players in the company’s environment include consumers, society, community, employees, shareholders, suppliers and investors.

It is the role of the organization to maintain a favourable environment between itself and the others members of the environment in which it operates. The company has several responsibilities to each of this play that help cement their relationship and also maximize the profits. Companies that observe corporate social responsibility are more successful than those that do not.

Unilever is one of the companies that have a well-established social responsibility platform. The subject has been in use over the years by the company that has benefited other members of the society and an increase its earnings in the process. For instance, the company has a well-developed relationship with its employees. This is depict by the fair payments that are in offer to all its employees across the world. In addition, the company provides all the employees safe working conditions that are both secure and also hygienic. The company has also benefited the employees through fair promotion on the basis of merit and equal training opportunities for its employees especially on new techniques of production. Moreover, the establishment of a communications network that allows the employees to contribute their ideas to the managers has helped harmonize its operations (Carroll, 2014).

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As outlined, there are several forms of socially responsible that a company is expected to observe. The company is expected to treats employees, shareholders, community, government and consumers with respect and also ensure their actions favour each of them. Therefore, companies that fail to observe social responsibility are often unsuccessful as shown.


Hopkins, M. (2012). Corporate social responsibility and international development: is business the solution? Earthscan.

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