Social Psychology

Social Psychology

Social Psychology

The field of social psychology has identified many differences between behaviors and mental functions between male and female. The differences are contributed by complex interplay of biologic development and cultural learning process. Gender differences in social, cognitive and personal characteristics were identified in the early 1900s. Recent research has also identified several cognitive skills and a range of social and personal characteristics as well. These differences emerge in the late childhood or adolescence. This is the age when the infants have learned and got enough experience to approach the reality.

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In conclusion, girls who become aggressive at early states are prone to experience difficulties in their later lives. Girls develop behavioral aggressive behaviors while boys engage in physical aggressive behaviors. These behaviors develop as the development and biological cycle continues. The experiences are learnt and developed from their fellow mates of same gander and thus at adolescence and adulthood, the level of aggressiveness often differ between male and female (Sigelman & Rider, 2014).

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