Social Networks

Social Networks

Social Networks

Social network is a platform that allow people who share the same interests, backgrounds, activities, or real-life connections to interact. A social network service is made of a representation of each user (the user’s profile), the user’s social links, and several other additional services. Social networks are web-based services that make it possible for individuals to create public profile, and come up with a list of users whom they can share connections.

Nearly all social network sites are web-based, therefore, making it possible for users to intermingle over the internet. Social network sites are varied as they incorporate new information and communication tools such as photo and video sharing, mobile connectivity, and blogging. In most cases, online community services are usually referred to as social network services.

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Advancement in technology has propelled the use of social networks in the contemporary societies. People have different views regarding the impact of social networks to the society. There are those who believe that it has done a lot of damage especially to the young people. However, there are other who think that it has had a positive impact on the society.

I believe that social networks have brought a lot of positive effects to our societies. They include enhanced businesses, enlightened people, and enabled people to socialize. Users should only be educated on the dangers or misusing social media such as wasting time on the sites and looking for damaging content.


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