Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is an interactive platform where the content is developed, distributed or shared by people on the web. Indeed, with the increased innovations and application, the definition of social media is becoming harder to interpret and create. In fact, according to most scholars, Social media is identified as a group and combination of Internet-based applications that are built on technological and ideological foundations of the Web 2.0 that allows exchange and creations of the user generated contents.

Indeed, it is via social media where the websites and most business applications, are allowed to exchange their content with their clients. Further, individuals can talk and share information, participate as well as a network through the developed technologies such as the social networking sites and the blogs.

Indeed, within the past decade Social Media has grown to become a powerful source of online collaborations, viral marketing as well as entertainment, news updates and networking.  With growth social media has had numerous breakthroughs as an industry as its ability to greatly facilitate the majority of social functions and campaigns is admirable (Safko, 23).

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In conclusion, the introduction of social media has seen tremendous growths in the way matters all over the world are handled. In fact, its key breakthrough has been an improvement in flow of information. It is now easy to market a business through social media, create awareness of new trends as well as connect. Using social media is indeed a highly effective approach to engaging and listens to everyone in the world today.

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