Social media influence on american culture

As cultures all over the world value their beliefs, individual traditions, and norms that make them outstanding, social media tends to link individuals across the world regardless of geographical boundaries and differences. To a large extent, social media has enhanced our lives and our culture. Social media is among the major developments and a phenomenon that has had massive impact in America. Americans have changed their way of leaving including every activity they indulge in. Markedly, every aspect of life is technology driven as Americans expect to have the best means to pass information to others at their comfort.

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Americans are living in a more transparent environment; hence, there is an adjustment for all Americans who feel uncomfortable with the transparency of the environment. Ultimately, social media is quite liberating. Social media is acting as a voice of the needy, and for those who cannot speak openly. It has become the quickest way for Americans to build brand recognition. Americans have transformed to greater heights where they are no longer confined to their local schools or jobs for ideas or information. There is no denying that social media it’s an amazing thing that has transformed the lives of Americans and the world at large.

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