Social Media and the Family

Social Media and the Family

Social Media and the Family

Social media platforms are a pivotal part of today’s society. Across the world, people rely on social media for almost everything to do with information and communication. It has become significant to understand how to balance social media with family as well as ensuring that the family stays healthy and the bond between members strong. In these pressurized eras, it is becoming tougher and tougher to balance a family, work, and technology. Ages ago, it was just family and work.

Currently, with social networking, blogging, gaming, and supplementary undertakings, technophobe parents have discovered that harmonizing all that out with a proficient family life has become somewhat of a task in the aforementioned (Hawn, 2009).

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It is, therefore, imperative that social media companies ensure sensitivity to family matters and address them in a manner that enhances active citizenship among the teens and the adolescents. Parents should also ensure that they closely monitor the children activities in a way that does not jeopardize the trust between them and the children. It is also crucial that parents try to spend more time and interact with their children both physically and through social media.

It is high time that parents keep up with current trends in order to be well positioned to track behavioral and other changes their children are undergoing. Going into the future, social media companies and other organizations that reach out to families using social media platforms must strive to exercise active citizenship through devising and developing of products well designed to strengthen families.

American Academy of Pediatrics. (2010). Talking to Kids and teens about social media and ‘sexting’.

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