Social Media and the Family

Social Media and the Family

Social Media and the Family

Social media is a pivotal part of today’s society. Across the world, people rely on social media for almost everything to do with information and communication. It has become significant to understand how to balance social media with family, and influence on people. In these pressurized eras, it is becoming tougher and tougher to balance a family, work, and technology. Ages ago, it was just family and work. Currently, with social networking, blogging, gaming, and supplementary undertakings, technophile parents have discovered that harmonizing all that out with a proficient family life has become somewhat of a task in the aforementioned (Hawn, 2009).

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In conclusion, electronics can feed the impulsiveness and re-activity of young, developing brains. As such, limiting access and taking their devices away may be a necessary step in helping our young people reestablishes balance in their world. However, it is also important to:
1. Be intentional about raising your child’s awareness about how to recognize when they are out of balance and how they can practice re-establishing it on their own.

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