Social loafing

Social loafing

Social loafing

Social loafing are human responses to basic questions on how the human being who live as a group feed, clothe, house, and also determine rights and responsibilities. Culture diversity is not about religion, politics, social organizations, ethnicity or race, but these are critical components.

A working environment that has people with different cultural practices is likely to be faced with socialization issues as individual try to gain identity with in-association circles.

This has been the case in downtown Brooklyn factory. The differing cultural, social, and religions practices of workers have resulted to tension within the organization.

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As a supervisor, I have planned for a meeting to discuss the issue in order to avoid affecting the factories productivity. The main point of the discussion will be; social loafing, embrace cultural differences, and staff motivation.

Social loafing is an act of people reducing their effort in achieving a group goal. They utilize less energy when working in group as compared to the energy they use when working individually (Murphy et al, 2003).

The issue of loafing should be discussed to in order to encourage the employees to build team work without holding back their effort. The issue of embracing cultural differences will help in viewing an employee beyond their cultural and religious practices hence promoting unity among the employees.

The point on motivations explains the appraisal bases to be used in rewarding the employees hence encouraging them to work harder in order to receive the rewards (Trice, 1993). As we discuss the motivational methods, individual contribution to the overall performance will be analyzed.

These key points address the supervisor’s concern because there is likelihood to improve if the employees adhere to them.

After the discussion, I expect the employees to change positively because they will be motivated and they will discover that when they work in unity it will be for the benefit of the entire organization.

Murphy, S. M., Wayne, S. J., Liden, R. C., & Erdogan, B. (2003). Understanding social loafing: The role of justice perceptions and exchange relationships. Human Relations, 56(1), 61-84.

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