Social Interactions and Suicide

Social Interactions and Suicide

Social Interactions and Suicide.

Social Interactions and Suicide: Suicide is definitely a social issue.  Many a times, we overhear about youngsters being harassed, gay adolescences being secluded, the mum who plunged into the Hudson waterway, sadly murdering herself and three of her innocent youngsters.

This scenarios show persons not getting the attention and shelter they ought to have, and hence some individuals instead go for the distress and lastingness of killing themselves over the agony of living with depression so as to relieve their sorrows.

This goes ahead to prove that suicide is frequently a reaction to social disturbance that disturbs the individual. The affected think that their existence is of no importance and hence despair on life. In such a susceptible state, thoughts of suicide come to mind (Donne, 1983).

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Some teenage divisions are often recipients for undertakings on bullying and harassment, which are capable of leading to a teen’s suicide. Occasionally, suicidal teenagers are considered as isolated and overly stressed, incapable of withstanding the demands that parents and close relatives put on them, which is additionally compounded by peers and the mass media.

In some cultures, suicide is considere as a glamorous and noble way to relieve the burden on other people, or an approach of showing rejection to society norms and beliefs.

The symbolic interactionism provides an explanation to the social interactions that lead to suicide. And the symbols and images that motivate thoughts of suicide and when people don’t share this symbol, dispute arises.


Donne, J., & Clebsch, W. A. (1983). Suicide. Chico, Calif: Scholars Press

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