Social control

Social control

Social control

Social control is a concept referring to various ways in which the society’s feelings, thoughts, behavior and appearance are regulated. This is mainly done through coercion through imprisoning those who commit crimes to those administering drugs that control difficult patients. Social control is a socialization process in which individuals identify a social system having some values and norms.

They eventually acquire stake in those values and norms. The term generally refers to the political and societal mechanism, which regulate the behaviors of individuals and groups. This regulation leads to conformity and compliance with the rules of a certain group, society or state. Social

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The American society ought to create social interactive programs to enhance the interaction of all individuals independent of their social class in the society. This will not only promote the level of interaction, but also reduce the inequality gap which is widening with time ( Kornblum, 2011).

Kornblum, W. (2011). Sociology in a Changing World. London: Cengage Learning.

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