Social and emotional effects of obese African American youth

Social and emotional effects of obese African American Youth

Social and emotional effects of obese African American youth

Obesity and overweight has become a global issue with every country working towards lowering obesity rates. Obesity has serious health consequences which include acute heart and liver diseases, disorders, diabetes, and cancers. Obesity has social and mental effects. Obese people are discriminated, and experience weight related stigma which causes low self-esteem, low self-worthy, and can lead to depression. The stigma of discrimination is worse when poverty, disability, and racial discrimination because the obese people experience a layering stigma.

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Discrimination and social stigmatization causes obese youth to develop a low self-esteem. They have few friends and do not visit public areas. In addition, they cannot participate in some activities and fail to fit in the society. In severe cases, obese young adults end up developing clinical depression. The research on the social and emotional effects of obese African American youth will shed light on how to deal with discrimination, preventing obesity, and handling depression. Further research need to be carried to identify the bidirectional relationship between obesity and depression and provide more evidence to show that depression is a cause and result of obesity as well.

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