Soccer creates a positive sense of nationalism. Every four years the World Cup occurs. It’s an event that any country has the chance to play in, and it brings various cultures and peoples from around the world together, similar to the Olympics.

First and foremost, on a worldwide basis, soccer is the most popular sport around. Fans will rally around their teams and the tolerance level for different cultures is widely accepted and celebrated.

But the celebration does not stem from the cultures differences, nor is it a battle against those differences. It’s a celebration of enjoying the same sport no matter what country a person hails from. Nothing illustrates this better than the events of the World Cup in Germany. The Ivory Coast was at war with itself.

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little to agree on or stop their fighting until their country qualified for the World Cup. The best team available was assembled, comprised of athletes from all over the country. The love for the sport of  caused the Ivory Coast to call a cease fire for the duration of World Cup so that the nation could celebrate as a whole on their team’s achievement.

Also, Soccer provides more opportunities to compete internationally, at amateur and professional levels. Youth teams often go on tour abroad, and individual players can train in soccer camps across the world.

At the highest level, soccer also gives you the chance to represent your national team against all other nations on the planet, something that football does not offer in any comparable way.

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