Sleep and Dreams

Sleep and Dreams

Sleep and Dreams

Sleep is one of the significant things in life. Sleep forms the main way in which the mind relaxes, and it also aids a lot in relieving stress. Sleep enables individuals to restore the lost energy so that they can be able to function well.  It is unimaginable, how life would look like without sleep. Sleep occurs in a number of stages.  Dreaming is also a very significant aspect of sleep. There are explanations on how one dreams and how the process of dreaming occurs. Despite the various explanations on how dreaming occurs, many people do not understand how dreaming comes about.

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They do not report to know the identity of their partners when they are dreaming. The objects and people, who appear in our dreams, are real people and objects. It can, therefore, be concluded that dreams are an expression of what we see in our lives. The various parts in our dreams are very familiar. The dreams reflect our real life experiences in life. Individuals experience high quality sleep when they are eight to ten years. After that age, the quality of sleep declines. If one reports a dream at this age, the dream seems to be very static.

Wenk, G. (2011, Februarly 7). Sleep and dreams.

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