Slavery in the 21st Century

Slavery in the 21st Century

Slavery in the 21st Century.

Slavery in the 21st Century: Human trafficking, forced labor, forced marriage and sexual exploitation are some of the modern slavery and they have one thing in common that they strip human being off their freedom and exploit them.

The issue of slavery is global, with some born into hereditary slavery while others are trafficked from one place to the other. Slavery is well practiced in the US being the largest slave society with almost four million held in bondage.

It is difficult to enumerate the number of slave today but according to the experts, there are hundreds of thousands and the number still increasing. Girls and women are the major target of the modern slave in America with the majority being sold for sex. They are, abducted, beaten into and raped and when they try to run away,

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They should rise up against their slaveholders and demand their freedom so that they can be freed in the most effective way. Holding meeting and offering training that would help curb human trafficking.

It is time to end slavery once and for all. If victims are treated with respect, and support those who help others to freedom, definitely, slavery will end. Everybody should also take an initiative to fight and eradicate all forms of slavery. Otherwise millions of people will continue to be trafficked and exploited generation to come and modern slavery will be a feature of global market.


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