Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar : In his letter, Simon Bolivar addresses certain issues pertaining to the independence wars in Latin America. He is a famous and celebrated political manifesto, whose letter envisions the future of America in regard to the economy and politics. He purposes on providing coherent information to a gentleman living in the island of Jamaica. He starts by explaining how Spanish have treated most Americans as slaves and the misbehavior of rulers justified the rejection of Spanish rule.

Simon Bolivar projects the future situation in America. He further adds that Mexico is the Ideal nation where people will truly attain sovereignty and free will. On the contrary, nations such as Puerto Rico and Cuba will not achieve freedom because Spanish will continue ruling them. For the case of America, Bolivar notes that popular forms of government will not function well as people a negative attitude toward Spanish colonization.

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In Bolivar’s vision, America could overcome Spain, which has mismanaged its colonies. Notably, Bolivar’s view on governance were rather democratic than conservative. It is worth noting that Bolivar’s ideas and vision for a great America were real and correct. However,  this success would not be assured with lazy minds, it would only be determined by a clear vision to see targeted goals.

Despite being politically nonexistent, Bolivar projects that a promising future will be determined by people’s perception. As soon as the people are under the guidance of a liberal nation and are strong, it will be easy to match toward great prosperity, which South America envisions.


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