Similarities and Differences between Freud & Adler

Adler worked together with Sigmund but later worked on his own coming up with theories that differed with Sigmund Freud’s theories on personality. However, both Adler and Freud’s work was important, and it is used today to develop modern psychology. Adler’s work notably contributed to psychology because he influenced Albert Ellis and Abraham Maslow, who came up with hierarchal needs theory, a very paramount theory today. Adler respected Freud theories and followed some of the ideas, but he opposed some of the theories. Adler opposed Sigmund’s segmented parts id, ego and superego and maintained that human being must be understood as whole and holistic being. Adler brought in new ideas such as inferiority complex theories. To compare and contrast Freud and Adler theories, it is important to summarize the personality theories, point out similarities and differences, and explain why Adler was the preferred theorist.

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dler also believed that past experiences influenced human behavior (Crandall, 1980, p. 5). He believed that past continued to influence a person’s choices. Adler’s focus on a social context made his work more relevant, and it has contributed to modern psychology. Adler introduced a new concept in psychology and influenced other theorist such as Abraham Maslow whose theories are still relevant today. Freud theories have been criticized he focused on the psychological substratum and emphasized causality. His theories are deterministic and fail to make room for external forces (Parisi, 1987, p. 10). His studies centered on the intrapsychic, and he failed to incorporate social context which is an important part of personality.

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