Similarities and differences between a novel or novella and a film

Similarities and differences between a novel or novella and a film

Similarities and differences between a novel or novella and a film

“Lord of the Flies” novel, was published in the year 1954 by William Golding, a Nobel Prize-winner. The novel tells of a grouping of deserted British schoolboys on an unidentified island after having a plane crash during war. The boys efforts of establishing normalcy and sanity transforms into horrific circumstances. “Lord of the Flies” movie adaptation appeared in 1963 by the creative Peter Brook. The movie takes 92 minutes and that same version was not colored. Most recent was the same movie by American director Harry Hook with some modifications and American cast.

The book shows that it occurs while there is an apparent war. A distinct similarity is outline because even the movie confirms the same predicament for the boys in the middle of a war. Some characters are random ordinary students, who come together later, while others are an existing musical choir with a leader. Most of the characters are new to each other except for the case of those boys from the choir. Both the book and film portrays their somewhat descent lives going down the drain into savagery (Doe et al., 47). Isolated from civilization, these well-educated boys sadly regress to barbaric beings.

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The novella and film still have distinctive differences but most importantly, their resemblance stand out. The film fitted the context improving on the story of which it never changed. The novella being a timeless classic is fit in a film and more similarities emerge even with omission of some parts. Apart from the differing and similar perspectives, the story still maintains moral lessons valuable for mankind.

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