Sikhism is a religion that was began in the 16th century by Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak was filled with God’s spirit when he founded this new religion. It was a unique religion from both Hinduism and Muslim. Guru Nanak first began with missionary work across India and Arab countries. His audience included both the Muslims and Hindus, but his message was not one that tried to convert them to his new religion.

He always insisted on the need to abide by their religious professions and practices. The paper shall therefore, be discussing the rationale and the process by which the religion was developed. It shall also include some of the ideas that are most central to the meaning and practices of Sikhism.

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Guru Nanak also emphasized on his followers the need to have a social life as well as making a positive contribution to the society. He believed having a communal life would enhance unity among people as well as promote equality and good character in all individuals.

All Sikhs needed to be committed to their religion, their work, and participate in charity activities in their areas. Sikhism religion has its own beliefs and religious practices just like all other religions. It is a religion that practices monotheism and their purpose in life is to lead a life that satisfies God’s will.

In Clarke, M. (2013). Handbook of research on development and religion.

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