Should we have a religious Freedom law?

Should we have a religious Freedom law

Should we have a religious Freedom law?

Since the United States inception, individuals from different religious denominations have often suffered from discrimination due to their religious beliefs. The fight to preserve religious freedom has been aligned with the civil rights movement.

Over the last decade, civil rights and religious advocates have attempted to limit free religious expressions and remove the wall that separated the church and the state. A religious freedom law would be suitable to protect the religious freedom of citizens irrespective of differences.

The first amendment guarantees all Americans to freedom of worship or not worship according to their preferences. A religious freedom law would enhance protection of religious beliefs and the free exercise of religion by every citizen. The reason we should care about the religious freedom is because religion is of paramount importance in a country. One of the greatest government interests is national security. Having a religious freedom law would help protect and respect religious differences in the midst of the government interest.

Thus, protection of religion would be for the betterment of the citizens of a country and would help minimize conflicts.

A religious freedom law would encourage a religious person to exercise his or her freedom rights without fear in the society.

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If one’s religious exercise does not harm the society, the government does not have the right to force such an individual to change their actions. The government has the responsibility to intervene if the person causes harm to others such as killing or abuse.

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