Should those who receive welfare benefits be drug tested?

Should those who receive welfare benefits be drug tested?

Should those who receive welfare benefits be drug tested?

Most of the public view the welfare recipients as lazy, unmotivated, exploiters of the system and chronic drug users. Various reports show that families that receive government benefits are involved in illicit drug abuse and alcoholism. Many people agree with the screening and testing as a basis of benefits allocation to needy families.

The idea of screening could be appropriate or inappropriate as this study seeks to establish. Those proposing to say that testing will protect taxpayers and help the recipients. Times are hard, and people are relying on government welfare support to survive and meet their needs.

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The search for reasons behind drug use and welfare beneficially led to the discovery of females bitter about the screening and testing proposal for welfare benefits. A study conducted by P.A. Luck, et al. on female drug users and the welfare system brought a new perspective to the idea.

Many of them based on the interview argue that their social issues have contributed a great deal to their drug use. Females who use heroin and crack cocaine in the various pointed reasons as to why they engage in drugs. The problem is that these women mostly single parents have a responsibility to care for their families. They are dependents who need to provide education, food, shelter and health care for their children.

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