Should the death penalty be abolished in the US

Should the death penalty be abolished in the US

Should the death penalty be abolished in the US.

Should the death penalty be abolished in the US: Capital punishment, in many cultures and societies, has been used throughout the history of human; the question that arises is that is it morally acceptable? Is it justified?

Both those for and against the death penalty have valid arguments to back up their reasons. Those for the death penalty argue that the act of capital punishment is a deterrent to crime.

However, those against argue that the death penalty is only a life imprisonment and not a deterrent to crime (Bedau, 1992). This paper seeks to discuss the U.S. establishment of the death penalty, reasons for continuation in light of world abandonment and offer an opinion on whether it should or should not be abolished.

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possible and that the capital punishment is humane enough, and the law supports it. They also argue that because those sentenced to death normally do much to have the day postponed.

It proves that people fear death and therefore, will avoid it. Others have also said that the televised executions are more effective as people exercise more reaction to what they see than that which they imagine.

It is hence hard to threaten murderers with something basically invisible. However, in their minds, the death penalty is a major deterrent option (Schabas, 2002). Therefore, I conclude that the death penalty is effective, and should not be abolishe


Bedau, H. A (1992). The case against the the death penalty, New York: American Civil Liberties Union


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