Should teenagers try to form new business

Should teenagers try to form new business

Should teenagers try to form new business

Starting a new business is a potential and exciting prospect. However, it has some certainties and risks associated. Before investing in a business, it is imperative for teenagers to form a partnership or research about the pros and cons that relate to the business. Learning about these facts helps the entrepreneur become realistic about the chances of survival for the venture. A research by the Small Business Administration shows that seven out of ten businesses last at least two years, but only quarter of them get a longevity of more than 15 years.

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Today, many graduates are seeking formal employment from employers since they lack the capital to start their own businesses. However, the ones who start businesses end up being successful that he ones who are employed. The idea of starting new businesses is quite profitable despite the challenges associated with it. Thus, if teenagers are challenged to start their own businesses, they would lower the rates of unemployment and improve the living standards for many people in the society.

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