Should homosexuals be able to marry

Should homosexuals be able to marry

Should homosexuals be able to marry.

Should homosexuals be able to marry: There are conflicting views on whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry, but it is outstandingly clear that this type of marriage should be demoralized.

Religions and societies have differing opinions on homosexuality. The arguments are based on ethics and human rights as universally defined. The current study evaluates the pros and cons of homosexual marriage, and weighs both sides in order to arrive to a conclusion on whether marriage between homosexuals should be allowed.

One of the arguments for homosexual marriage is that everyone has their own right of choice on who to marry. Each is accorded with the freedom to choose the person they can live with without any restrictions from other people.

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naturally felt could bring them satisfaction before any other external forces played a role in changing their mentality. It is generally noteworthy that homosexual marriage could serve more harm than good to the society.

Despite the fact that the people being involved in the marriage have their own freedom, there are implications of decreased reproduction and redefinition of marriages in most societies.

The entire mentality on how families should be formed is going to transform, and allowing the marriages further mean that more members of the societies are likely to join the form of marriage. As a result, it is generally deducible that homosexual marriages should not be allowed, and in fact should be demoralized for their negative consequences.


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