Should college athletes get paid?

Should college athletes get paid?

Should college athletes get paid?

Indeed, what was essentially a pressing issue in school and parent’s meeting has now become a national issue and one that the NCAA cannot afford to ignore. The service and dedication that the college athletes provide to the NCAA as well as the relevant institutions has been under huge surveillance and sports enthusiast have called on the need for them to be rewarded. In fact, till now there was largely a philosophical debacle among the sports enthusiasts and the academics on whether the college athletes are amateurs as well as questions being raised on whether the game is being kept pure and balanced.

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Student-athletes tend to focus on achieving good grades as well as performing well in their sports. Therefore, participating in the sports is considered more of a hobby and a lot of passion is displayed as the students tend to improve their play as well as get good education. There is little commercialization in college games, and that tends to impress the audience that is contrary to what can be related to the professional players. Indeed, some of the professional players have been accused of lacking passion in the game as they are driven by money and not by love of the game.

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