Short Story Analysis

Short Story Analysis

 Short Story Analysis

The short story “The Lady with the Dog” on was written by Anton Chekhov and published in 1899. The story is about a Moscow bank worker, married with three children, but falls in love with young lady Anna Sergeyevna whom they met while vacationing in Yalta. Gurov is unfaithful to his marriage and considers women to be of a lower race. Anna is also married and leaves her husband in an unnamed provincial town.

The two are engaged in an affair and spend their time walking and taking drives in the town. Ann’s husband requested her to go back home, and Gurov sees her off at the station. Gurov hopes to forget Anna but is still haunted by the memories while clubbing at night (De Sherbinin, 1997).

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Ending the story with a comic experience of the two lovers would give the reader the meaning of finding true love. It would convey the message that every man can love, but only when he finds true love. In addition, the author would have defined how true love leads to happiness. In my view, the story should end in marriage of the two lovers.

This is because the author would have conveyed the height of an adulterous marriage for two lovers. In doing so, the author would have educated the reader. Story stories are meant to educate and entertain. Thus, my conclusion would have delivered the purpose of reading a short story, which is mainly to educate.

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McMahan, Elizabeth, & Funk, R. (2011). Anton Chekhov’s story, “The Lady with the Dog,”. 3.

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