Shooting with a DSLR vs Shooting with Camcorder

Shooting with a DSLR vs Shooting with Camcorder

Shooting with a DSLR vs Shooting with Camcorder.

Shooting with a DSLR vs Shooting with Camcorder: This current paper is going to focus on two of these devices used to record: the camcorder and the DSLR (Digital single lens recorder), which of these two is better in shooting? And why?

The factors are mainly going to be about the devices which normally influence the situation of use. The factors may range from quality of images, portability, price, moments being captured, and storage of the device amongst others (McBroom, 2000).

This paper may give an introduction and a brief description of these two devices and then for a deep understanding of these devices and what factors to consider, the paper may start with an in depth analysis and look into the DSLR. For the DSLR,

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The resolution for this paper is that the device to choose may depend on the person and the event with which the person is capturing and the place also. The digital single lens recorder has some advantages of its own while the camcorders too have advantages of their own.

The single lens, may be cheaper because of the technology employed (use of a single lens) which eventually means less cost and therefore less price.

This may however hamper on some of the quality features that one may be interested in. The however is digital which brings to the fore a couple of advantages to the user.


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