Shakespeare’s death

Shakespeares death

Shakespeare’s death

After an illustrious career as a renowned playwright, Shakespeare’s retirement was cut short by an early death at the age of 52. Like the date of birth of William, his death date was a mystery. It is commonly believed that he died on 23rd April 1616 while some other sources states that he was buried on 25th April 1616 two days after his birth. It can be noted that 23rd April was also the given birthdate of Shakespeare. However, there exist no record that he died at this date.

The conditions of his death were also not clear but it is believed that he was sick before his death since he signed his will almost a month before and left almost everything to his daughter. Thus, many scholars suggest that the signatures he made on his will indicates that he was already sick at the time he signed on 25th March 1616 (Adams 56).

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Shakespeare funerary monument was erected in the north wall with a half-effigy showing the act of writing sometimes before 1623. His death will remain a mystery. Every year a quill pen is placed in the writing hand of the monument. Shakespeare is believed to have written the epitaph that is inscribed on his tombstone (Potter 119).

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