Sexual harassment policy

Sexual harassment policy

Sexual harassment policy.

Sexual harassment policy: The performance aspect of every organization is significantly determined by the input it adopts (Brown, 2005). This input can be in form of policies, leadership and the relation between employers and the employees.

If we were to look at the leadership aspect, it significantly reflects on the performance of an organization. Good leadership will always lead to better performance of an organization than in a situation where the opposite was applied.

However, leadership sometimes has its negative impacts in an organization. This is especially if the persons in power only thought of the prosperity of the organization in question, without looking at the welfare of all the employees (Brown, 2005).

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In addition, both of these policies recognize the need of punishing sexual offenders in their work places regardless of the management positions they hold, gender, sex, race, religion, color or creed. In my opinion, I think sexual harassment exists in law enforcement (Harrington & Lonsway, 2007).

However, I think sexual harassment in law enforcement is not as much as in other organizations. This is because, law enforcers are more conversant with the law than the public (Boland, 2005). This means that they know the criteria to follow in case it they found themselves in such a situation.

I feel that since law enforcers live to serve and defend the law, they know how to gather evidence and also prosecute on the same matter if it ever happened. This also means that law enforcers’ workmates, who may even have sexual advances towards their colleagues, are deterre to cross the line.


Boland, M. L. (2005). Sexual harassment in the workplace. Naperville, Ill: Sphinx Pub.

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