Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has received a good amount of attention from researchers trying to determine its genesis, prevalence, impact and possible remedies. The problem however still remains in the workplace environment and research has shown that there is a significant relationship between sexual harassment in the workplace and negative job related as well as psychological outcomes on the victims. There is evidence to show that sexual harassment in the workplace creates stressors that have serious negative connotations for the workers and for the organization as a whole.

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All sizes of businesses and other organizations need to train their workers about sexual harassment. The training can be conducted through seminars, videos or external consultants. The employers are then required to carry out thorough investigations of all complaints they receive and take consistent and reasonable action against all culprits (Kabat-Farr & Cortina, 2012). That would discourage others from engaging in sexual harassment and promote a culture of respect in the work place. The benefits of such an environment can then be appreciated for both the employees and the employer.

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