Sexual Gestures/ Comments

Sexual Gestures/ Comments

Sexual Gestures/ Comments

Sexual harassment does not only involve physical abuse, but it also involves comments and gestures. Sexual harassment focuses on appearance, body parts and sexual orientation. Spreading gossip and rumors of sexual nature is sexual harassment. In addition, making rude comments about someone or sending inappropriate messages about someone is also sexual harassment. At the workplace, sexual harassment includes uninvited comments regarding gender, sex and sexual orientation (Boland, 2002). When offensive comments are made they create a hostile environment and affect employee productivity.

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The research will focus on training employees. Data will be collected using secondary and primary sources. I will interview employees who have undergone training on sexual harassment. I will collect data from companies that have successful eliminated sexual harassment through employee training.  I will analyze data collected and carry out a cost benefit analysis to show that the cost of training employees will be outweighed by benefits. The research will show that employee training will create conducive environment for working and increase employee morale.

Boland, M. L. (2002). Sexual Harassment: Your Guide to Legal Action : what You Should Know
and what You Can Do. New York: SphinxLegal.

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