Sexual dysfunction in Men

Sexual dysfunction in Men

Sexual dysfunction in Men:Sexual dysfunction is a problem that is experienced by both males and females and manifests itself when they are not able to enjoy sexual activity or don’t want it at all. It can occur at any phase of sexual response cycle (Malavige 23). It is possible to have partners suffering from this stressful condition.

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Sexual dysfunction usually does not cause physical health problems but as a patient, male or female, one needs to have as many as possible check up with their doctors to ensure this situation does not worsen and that the proper medication procedures are followed.

There are many causes of sexual dysfunction for instance stress. It is difficult to be in mood for sex when fatigued. Stress and other psychological problems like depression can cause sexual dysfunction. Also, some physical causes like diabetes, neurological disorders, heart and vascular diseases, drug abuse and effects of some medications can affect sexual function negatively (Laumann 99).

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