Sex differences

Sex differences

Sex differences

Women’s life dramatically changed in the developed countries after the Second World War. Technology of household eased the homemaking burden, there was an increased in life expectancy, and the growth of the service sector brought about thousands of jobs that do not depend on the strength. Despite these transformations in terms of socioeconomics, legal precedents and cultural attitudes, particularly concerning the work of women still reinforced sexual inequalities.

There was an appearance of desire for change in 1949 in “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir. This raised feminist consciousness through stressing that liberation for women was liberation for men too. The effort for reforms evolved in the 19th century.

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Since the introduction of modern feminism in 1963, it has resulted in positive impacts for the females. For example, the society currently embraces the fact that females can now take part in some professions like the military that were in the past considered to be dominated by the males. However, there have been several laws and activists championing for women’s rights and empowerment (Ziegler, 2013).

However, gender treatment in the education system skew men towards certain job fields like laboring, STEM and politics, while women toward nursing, teaching and writing. When people open up to gender equality and advancement of women’s rights, women could be in STEM professions and men who want to be ballet dancers or interior decorator could openly pursue their dream jobs.

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