Sex and Violence Media Influence on Children

Sex and Violence Media Influence on Children

Sex and Violence Media Influence on Children.

Sex and Violence Media Influence on Children: The representation of violence, drugs/alcohol, and sex in the media has been identified to undesirably affect the conduct of adolescents and children. There exists a strong link amid perceptions of the messages of the media and detected behavior, specifically with children.

Recently, the public health field has increased focus on influences of media on youth and the responsibility of healthcare worker or/and pediatrician in tackling this area of increasing concern.

The need exists to explicitly investigate the influences of media sex, violence and drugs/alcohol on young people. Within the Social Learning Theory context. The effects of these influences are deliberated, and proposals for healthcare workers and/or pediatricians who intermingle with adolescents and children are described (Kitzinger, 2004).

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acceptable versus unsuitable forms of conduct (Wells, 1997). Additionally to the above, alternative forms of entertaining such as reading, arts and crafts, and outdoor play should be promoted.

Such doings are frequently influential in fostering family communication and interaction. However, because of the inescapable nature of the TV set, its effect cannot be disregarded.

By supporting and comprehending education concerning media i.e. viewing practices, doctors can play a significant role in minimizing the risks of disclosure to mass media amid adolescents and children. Therefore, every single attempt to promote positive programming which concentrates on suitable family values, apposite methods of resolve conflicts, and edifying programming should be stressed.


Kitzinger, J. (2004). Framing abuse: Media influence and public understanding of sexual   violence against children. London [u.a.: Pluto Pr

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